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EUROPOL are professional private investigators providing specialist services that include; litigation, investigation, international process and document service, matrimonial, infidelity, cheating partner and cohabitation covert surveillance investigations, computer forensics analysis and expert surveillance evidence gathering. Our network of professional investigators, all expert in their field, assuring you of the highest standard of service wherever your enquiry is centered.
EUROPOL provides you with the specialist knowledge and expertise of investigation to assist you in obtaining vital evidence. We serve both private clients and corporate investigations into employee absenteeism, false injury claims, moonlighting as well as collating vital evidence for matrimonial investigations, adultery investigations, cheating and unfaithful partner investigations.
At EUROPOL we specialise in supporting you in the investigation and collation of vital evidence required in both civil proceedings and court hearings. Our service to you is bespoke and concentrates on the specifics of each individual case.

Please take a look at our services:

Insider trading – business – credit recovery – cadastral certificate – looking into records of Registry – protest (solvency Reports – monitoring financial and patrimonial parameters that depict the customer’s ability to reimburse payments. The reports computes the maximum recommendable credit limit + Skip Tracing services oriented at individual debtors, corporate debtors or business debtors)
Infidelty investigations – premarital investigations – divorces and property partitions – inheritance – minors control and anti-drug
– anti blackmail and nuisances – tracing
Flight of productive trials and strategic plans formulas – counterespionage – trade-marks and patents defence
– products counterfeit – unfair competition – staff unfaithfulness and absenteeism
Evidences investigation in car, air, naval, railway accidents – thefts – fires
– damaged people control and anti-cheat investigative remarks
. Information gathering prevention and counter-care
. Safety in the communications and protection against unlawful hearing system, telephone and environmental reclamations
. Pocedures and program of protection
. Human resources management
. Safety management

Other investigative services (Due Diligence, other customized solutions)

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