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A complete guide towards an effective debt collection process

Debt Collection

Bank statements, credits held with their parties, workplace-related investigations anywhere in the world. We have a wide array of tools at our disposal to find assets and put into place effective debt collection strategies. All in our e-shop.

Private Investigation

We assist your company with dedicated investigative services
Europol assists companies in Italy and abroad in a whole range of areas. From industrial espionage to ascertaining the quality of prospective employees and business partners, our operations work within all the legal parameters as per Italian and international law, thus making sure that any and all evidence is valid in a court of law.

Debt Collection Services

Thanks to the wide network of collaborators and to our experience working with multinational groups we are able to offer a wide range of services destined to debt collection abroad. Confidential information about potential debtors and their assets as well as assistance to take debt recovery practices to completion are amongst our most required services. Our dedicated department handles claims on daily basis around the globe, with great success levels.

About us

EUROPOL SRL works extensively all over the globe. We specialise in providing information and research services for businesses and individuals, as well as our greatly effective debt collection services. Through our tested and proven strategies and use of technology and in a completely legal manner that tends at a court of law, we are the go-to provider for information services.

Find out what you need

Thanks to our step by step method, it’s now possible which of our packages gives you the information that fits you best. It’s free of charge, try it now!

Customised Service

Our exclusive system allows you to tailor make a research that fits exactly what you need with the information that is of interest to you. You choose what you need in a few simple steps and with no obligation to purchase. Try it here.

Debt Collection Sale

Budget-friendly reports that allow you to tackle debt collection in a cost-efficient way.

Your partner in information gathering and research in Italy and the rest of the world.

More Info

Contact us for more info about our products and services and how we can help you.

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